Make serious connections with a Sonicbids® Electronic Press Kit
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The Electronic Press Kit allows you to quickly and easily deliver all the info a promoter wants to see – your music, bio, photos and more – so you can connect with the opportunities that are right for you. Get a Sonicbids membership free when you work with Oasis.

Jazz legend Chick Corea and up-and-coming Indie artist Jodelle are both proud users of the Sonicbids EPK service.

The New Standard
The Sonicbids EPK™ (Electronic Press Kit) is all about ease and efficiency. It’s simple to create, update, search, and send. Sonicbids is turning the EPK™ into the standard platform that musicians can use for promotion, and live music buyers can use for finding and bidding on bands. Sonicbids was launched so that musicians can exploit the ease and accessibility of the Internet to find and connect with people who book gigs around the country. Your EPK: your bio, photos, MP3s, reviews, and calendar are available around the clock. You can email your EPK™ to anyone, anywhere, anytime — it’s faster and cheaper than a traditional press kit! You can even add your EPK™ (including the “can’t-live-without-it” gig calendar feature), directly to your website.

...And that’s not all: as an Oasis-referred member you’re also eligible for exclusive Sonicbids spots at some of the hottest conferences and festivals around the United States and the world.

The secret about Sonicbids is this: it’s run by talent agents who have represented some of the world’s most renowned artists and who are not shy using their contacts. For an example of what these connections might mean to your career: as an Oasis/Sonicbids client you can be considered to perform in hot festivals such as the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, the JVC Music Festival in New York City, the Tampa Bay Music Festival in Florida, as well quite literally almost every single major music conference. All you have to do is submit your EPK™ through the Promoter Drop Box (individual fees may apply, always far less than what a traditional presskit and mailing would cost) located in your Sonicbids Artist Account.

For more information on Sonicbids and all of the Oasis Tools of Promotion available free with your CD/DVD order please call us at 1-888-296-2747 or simply click here to download or order complete information.

NOTE: The Oasis Tools of Promotion are included at no extra charge with your CD or DVD Replication order. Not available for CD or DVD Duplication orders.

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