What is Mastering
and why do I need it?

We know how hard you’ve worked on your music, now it deserves the same final treatment that every major label release gets.

Making a competitive sounding CD and bringing it to your fans typically has 5 simple steps:

Record Your Music — capture your audio onto tape or a computer hard drive.
Mix Your Music — join all pieces of the recording together to form complete tracks.
Master Your Music — equalize and enhance your tracks for all sound systems.
Make Your Music — transform your mastered tracks into physical CDs.
Distribute Your Music — sell your physical CDs and digital downloads everywhere.

Audio is mastered to prepare it for radio play and retail sale because what you heard when you were recording in the studio isn't the same as what your fans will hear. In the studio you record one song at a time, so volumes, peaks, EQs, and fades are different from song to song. Frankford Wayne's engineers are experts and will use EQ, gain, and compression to give your songs consistency. This process also allows the mastering engineer to shape the volume of your overall album to be as perfect as possible and make it sound amazing.

You gain a lot from the fresh perspective of a seasoned mastering engineer who knows what professional audio needs to sound like to be ready for release. Mastering is the last step before you take your passion to your fans in a big way.

The Frankford Wayne mastering engineer will give your tracks the professional treatment:

  • Raise the overall level and make your music sound great on any sound system
  • Balance song levels and EQ individual tracks for cohesion
  • Correct minor mix issues with equalization
  • Equalize space between tracks and eliminate noise
  • Add ISRC codes
  • Add CD-Text information (Artist, Title, and Track Names that can be displayed by some players)

What's more, since the mastering service through Frankford Wayne is in sync with Oasis's process, it's simple, easy and affordable for you.

Mastering gear at Frankford Wayne