Frankford Wayne™ —
Mastering Pricing

New Low Pricing – Just $49 Per Track!

Our professional engineers have years of experience working with some of the best analog and digital gear available. Our mastering rooms are equipped to handle any project size and will seamlessly integrate with your production process. Leave it to Frankford Wayne to bring your music to commercial standards—now for just $49/track.

New! Add CD Text to your album FREE with any mastering package, a $39 value.

Revisions Policy:
We do our best to provide expert mastering while keeping your budget in mind. Frankford Wayne will typically do revisions free of charge and may include minor EQ adjustments, spacing changes, etc., but bigger changes or revisions due to deficiencies in the mix may result in additional charges.

Requests for new mixes after the first mastering proof:
If new mixes are submitted after the first mastering proof has been sent, we are essentially starting from scratch on those tracks. There will be a charge equal to 50% of our posted mastering rates if new mixes are submitted after a mastering proof has been sent. For example: If a 5-track project is $245, and you decide to make changes to the original mixes and resubmit them after receiving a proof, you will be charged $122.50.

Ready to master your music?

$49 per track!
We'll adjust your levels and change your track sequence and spacing. Does not include EQ or compression. All for only $185