Q: Why do Oasis’ turn times look shorter now—
and how much time should I allow, start to finish?

A: In recent years, Oasis has quoted turn times that include our best estimate of the amount of time that will be spent before our clients start reviewing a proof and the amount of time you will want or need to spend during the proofing of your files in addition to the time we’ll need after you approve your proofs to actually produce your discs and disc packaging.
We’ve been including this additional time in our quoted turn times as a courtesy to our clients, and in many cases we know it’s been appreciated. However, the approach has had a couple drawbacks.

#1. Even though we were building in extra time in the turn times we quoted, it was an amount of extra time that didn’t leave you flexibility in how long you actually might need in the proofing process. For some clients, they may have felt like we had predicted a timeline that was not correct for their particular project.

#2. By building in this extra time it made our quoted turn times sound longer than they needed to based on the almost universal industry norm of quoting a turn time based only on the production time, i.e. the time from when the client approves the proof until the product is ready to ship.

We call our new way of quoting turn times “customer controlled turn times” and they reflect — as is industry standard practice — the time from when you approve your proofs until we ship your product. Our physical catalog was printed before we made this change, so we apologize for the confusion it will cause; it still shows the old approach with the longer-seeming turn times that reflect our best estimate of the total turn time from when you first start working with us, including all proofing by you. We encourage you to call your project manager for clarification if you have any questions.

As rules of thumb, please allow 3 business days in pre-approval time prior to the production time.

Additional services like mastering or graphic design, if you have purchased those, have their own timetables as well, as does shipping the project to you once the project is complete of course.

Please contact us with questions about this or any other Oasis issue: 1-888-296-2747.

And remember: Oasis is the only shop in the industry that guarantees your turn time. Those guarantees still protect you, on all of our GTT (guaranteed turn time) products, from the moment you approve your proof until the moment it ships. For more information, please visit www.oasisCD.com/gtt.