Custom CD Sleeves

Our Green Forestry CD Sleeves Are Perfect for
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Custom CD Sleeves
The Green Sleeves Family
Green Forestry CD sleeves are our most affordable eco-friendly CD packaging option. Light-weight and great for promo mailings, all of our custom printed CD sleeves use 100% Green Forestry Practices board stock and high-quality vegetable based inks that let you present your image in full color on each panel, protected with your choice of a high gloss UV or subtle, muted matte finish. Oasis CD sleeves also include free poly wrap or a wafer seal. Don’t want poly wrap? Try the Oasis Secret Envelope, a CD sleeve that features a top that tucks closed like a handmade secret envelope. Pull out the tab to reveal your disc inside. And as always, all Oasis products ship in 100% FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)
certified corrugated boxes.
CD Sleeve Printing

Green Forestry Sleeves

Quantities as low as 100 in as few as 3 days, guaranteed!

  • Full-color printing on front, back and disc
  • Free high quality poly wrap or wafer seal (quantities of 300+)
  • Free high-gloss UV finish
  • Free Tools of Promotion (quantities of 300+)

The Oasis Secret Envelope

Quantities as low as 300 in as few as 4 days, guaranteed!

  • Tucks closed, no poly wrap or wafer seal needed
  • Can hold an optional lyric sheet
  • Full-color printing on front, back and disc
  • Free high-gloss UV finish
  • Free Tools of Promotion (quantities of 300+)
Custom Printed CD Sleeves
Custom CD Packaging

Green Sleeves
with Tear-strip

Quantities as low as 300 in as few as 3 days, guaranteed!

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Custom CD Sleeve
DETAILS: Tools of Promotion available only on quantities of 300 or more. Quantities under 300 are CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. Need more than 5,000 discs? Call 866-294-0100 for special pricing and services. Production time quoted is measured in business days from the time you approve your proof. For GTT (Guaranteed Turn Times) projects this time is guaranteed. Read our full terms and conditions.
Oasis Client Case in Point:

Rachel Sage

CD Sleeves

Oasis client Rachael Sage has become one of the busiest touring artists in independent music, performing 150+ dates a year throughout the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Sage’s own MPress Records recently released her 10th album, “Haunted by You,” as well as the single, “Abby Would You Wait,” pictured on this page.

She explains one of the approaches that has helped her grow her career: her commitment to being as accessible as possible to her fans.

“This principle of accessibility has guided me from the beginning — and of course is more important now than ever, with the advent of social networks. I learned early on that it wasn’t going to be a lawyer or a talent buyer who would sustain me as an indie artist, but me, as someone who connected viscerally with my fans. I made a point to chat with them after shows, enlist them for help when applicable, and think of them as an extension of my label and part of my team. I have enormous respect for the people who choose to come out to a folk club at 7pm on a Sunday instead of staying home to watch TV. I want them to remember our time together as something that uplifted, inspired, and made them laugh. I always ask my listeners about themselves and their lives because we all have overlap in terms of our stories and our lives — and hearing the stories of those who are drawn to my work can only grant me insight, as a songwriter and a performer.”

By the way, says Rachael: “Oasis has, hands-down, the very best turnaround time of any company we’ve ever worked with. And we always know that the staff has our back — if for example, there ever is a technical issue with one of the elements we provide, they are quick to catch it and help us correct it! Oasis is easy to work with on every level.”