Our clients & what they think of us

Our clients and what they think of us

“Winning the Oasis Grassroots Giveaway is truly the opportunity of a lifetime, especially for a one-man-band recording artist. As anyone getting started in the music industry knows, it isn't easy. Oasis, I can't thank you enough for this incredibly perfect package for a DIY musician. You make it possible for independent musicians throughout the world to have their message be sent and their voice be heard.” Check out Joe's letter to Oasis after winning, click here.

Oasis Client:
Joe Moran
Audubon Savant

“As a company living and dying by the reputation of its product, what we need above all is a reliable partner with rock solid quality controls and the ability to respond flexibly and nimbly to our demands. Oasis provides that level of reassurance.”

Oasis Client:
Michael Schwing
Vice President of Worldwide Channel Management

“We’ve been with Oasis since the beginning. I mean the BEGINNING. When we were truly considered nobody, Oasis actually listened to our music, cheered us on at our early gigs, even found the perfect packaging to fit a look to our sound. (Think about that: someone in this biz who actually listens to your stuff.) They’ve introduced our music to probably 600 different radio stations at this point – not to mention their many industry contacts. 40,000 CDs sold so far and we’re still chugging happily along with Oasis on our team.”

Oasis Client:
Eric Brace
Last Train Home

"I have been so pleased with my experience at Oasis! Your staff responded to all my needs in a timely fashion, always helping me meet my deadlines. Plus, I really appreciate your company’s social concern and involvement in the musical communities of which I am a part.”

Oasis Client:
Laura Vecchione

“The quality of the graphic design Oasis created for me is as good as any CD I’ve seen on major labels and, frankly, superior to many. What you did for me is very important to the marketing of my music; people do judge a book (or a CD) by its cover.”

Oasis Client:
Brian McArdle


“We love working with Oasis here at Rising Son Records. They’ve been great to us in the work they’ve done on our Arlo Guthrie projects as well as for the rest of our catalog!”

Oasis Client:
Carrie Bramer
Rising Son Records

“We’ve been so pleased ourselves with Oasis that we’ve forwarded many of our colleagues to you as well. What a pleasant experience and what wonderful, professional work--thanks!”

Oasis Client:
David Ruttenberg
President, Polar Boehme Music Inc.

“The Oasis experience has been fantastic: graphic design, production, customer service, and of course the Tools of Promotion! On top of that, I love, love LOVE my Oasis soft spot packaging.”

Oasis Client:
Fabiana Passoni

“When I decided to release my first CD, I started doing my homework on who I wanted to use for replication. I happened to see an ad for Oasis in a trade magazine and called them. They sent me a catalog with everything they had to offer and it was instantly the kid in the candy store syndrome.

Sure, I’ve seen some companies that seem cheaper, but the staff at Oasis was incredible! Their personal attention to detail was more than I ever expected and the final product was even better than I had ever imagined. I recommend them to all serious musicians I come in contact with.”

Oasis Client:
Client for life, Ken Franz

“The Oasis Soft Spot is the best packaging available for music CDs. It contains a minimal amount of
 plastic, is compact, and has lots of room for graphics. It is a great idea well executed.”

Oasis Client:
Ottmar Liebert (International Multi Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling guitarist and
Luna Negra Music/Spiral Subwave Records


“Thanks, Oasis, for making the start of my music career so positive. Not only was your staff kind, available, and extremely professional (and the environmental CD packaging incredible), but I’ve also taken great advantage of the Oasis promotional tools and I’m now opening for Shawn Colvin at the The Birchmere.”

Oasis Client:
Jenee Halstead


“With the DVD Oasis just made, we have a remarkable tool to literally show what we do to potential funders and supporters rather than just telling the story via our paper brochure.  We have never had this kind of tool before—and both the packaging and content make a huge impact.

Furthermore, I am so impressed by the efficiency of the Oasis production team.  You kept us informed every step of the way – with clear crisp emails that updated us on the project’s status.  And – despite a major, two-foot snowstorm – you delivered the DVD on time.  Your professionalism makes this kind of service look easy, but we know it’s not.”

Oasis Client:
Shawn M. Lacy, JD
Executive Director
Family Support Services

“I can’t say enough good things about Oasis. Most importantly, when you have a question or a problem, a real person responds – and takes responsibility. In a world where everything is someone else’s fault, that’s a huge ‘use Oasis again!’ for me.”

Oasis Client:
Janis Ian

“When I decided to release my first completely indie release, after a lifetime of always working through labels, of course the first place I called was Oasis. I knew they had the expertise, the solid reputation, and the graphic design know-how to get me what I needed. What’s more, they discussed with us various distribution options including product placements and more.”

Oasis Client:
Roger McGuinn
(Legendary 12-string guitarist and Byrds leader)

“I got a call from the Bose Corporation. They heard my song Silent One and included it on a setup CD for use in their stores throughout North America, Germany and Japan. I was thrilled and received extensive royalties from them to boot! Later, Bose re-pressed their disc and paid me for that second pressing as well – all in the course of introducing my music to hundreds of new, music-loving ears!”

Oasis Client:
Bill Parsons

Dear Oasis,
You guys are top notch. Our music means a lot to us, so we demand top quality in the product we put out. Your work always meets that standard, and you are professional and fun to work with every step of the way. Plus, we’ve also been able to make great use of your promotional tools, including your excellent distribution program.

Oasis Client:
Beleza Brasil

Dear Oasis,

Thank you for the high quality work, innovative design, and excellent customer service. I really appreciate the support you give to musicians, from conception to finished product – and beyond!

Oasis Client:
Angela Jia Kim

“From the beginning of our project, your staff couldnít have been more helpful, professional – and accommodating. Whenever your people met a challenge (to alter cover graphics, etc.), they truly seemed to own our problems – and more importantly, help us solve them. Our Oasis experience presented us with no surprises, and a high quality product. We couldn’t have asked for more than that.
Thanks very much for everything. And when our next CD project comes forward,
 you can bet you’ll get our call.”

Oasis Client:
Bob Wells

Vice President, Young & Rubicam

(and part-time musician with The Blue Flames)

“I’ve dealt with a local CD broker in the past, and it was such a headache. Every other day something was wrong and they were, of course, quick to pass the blame. To get in touch with them on the phone was like pulling teeth. Without going into great detail, I’ll just say it was a nightmare. Plus, they didn’t offer a fraction of what you guys do, in terms of packaging options, and distribution. I just wanted to tell you that dealing with you and Oasis couldn’t be further from my previous experience. The whole experience was a breeze, which let me focus on creating designs that my client really liked. And that, of course, made me happy.”

Oasis Client:
Tony Calato

ToneDef Design, Baltimore, MD


“Just wanted to say what an outstanding flagship service you and your company provide to inde artists. You literally shave years off the learning curve for people looking to “go public”. Keep up the great work.”

Oasis Client:
Russ Burke

Wing and a Prayer