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Call us at (888) 296-2747 and let us take care of everything for you. We live and breathe this stuff all day, so you can trust us to make it easy and get it right the first time. You'll then have the option to send us your materials by mail or upload your files online. See mail in instructions below.

Order entirely online using our step-by-step Project Center. You'll be asked to provide us with all the details about your art and content before being able to checkout and pay. To order online, log in to My Account and click "complete my order". NOTE: You will not need to upload all of your materials in order to use the Project Center; you'll still be able to have another party upload files for you, or mail in any or all of your materials.

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If you don't have a quote from us yet, you can feel free to call us first, click the "Get a Quote" button or chat live with a Client Advisor by clicking the "Chat with us" button below and we'll get you all set up!

Ordering By Mail
If you would prefer not to place your order online, you may mail in your materials. We recommend a method that allows you to track your package such as UPS, FedEx, or Express Mail. Please make sure your materials are labeled with your name and contact information. Be sure to include your return address and phone number on the package.

We just need 4 things from you to get started:

1. Your Master
Make sure your master sounds or functions exactly the way you want it to before sending it to us. The finished discs you get back from us will be an exact match of the master you send to us, unless you’re also ordering post production or authoring.

2. Your Package Design
We offer downloadable templates at, available in various formats for both Mac and PC. Our Client Advisors are also skilled at answering most graphics questions.

3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Form
We need to know that you own the rights to reproduce the product you’re ordering. Without a completed IPR form, which we will email to you, we cannot start your order.

4. Payment
We can’t begin your project without a full payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Mail To:
Oasis Disc Manufacturing
7905 N. Rt. 130
Delair, NJ 08110

IMPORTANT: Always keep a backup of any master or artwork you submit, in case your materials are lost or damaged (even the best-packaged materials can be damaged in shipping). Oasis is not responsible for original masters or original art.

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