Templates: CD and DVD Labels

This page contains the CD Label Templates and/or DVD Label Templates that you or your graphic artist will use in order to lay out your project for manufacturing at Oasis. Click here for the guide to using our design templates. If you would prefer to have our in house DesignWorks™ designers create your artwork for you, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Please download a CD template or DVD template for each component of your project. For Jewel Case packages this generally means three components:  the folder template, the traycard template, and the On-Disc Imprint (CD label) template. For Oasis board products, this generally means two components:  the package template and the and the On-Disc Imprint (CD label) template.

Templates are available in the following formats: PDF (use for Adobe Photoshop), Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Just click the download button and a set of the appropriate formats will download.

Also available are industry standard logos that contains standard logos and other handy items (like the “P” or “C” symbol, the compact disc logo, etc.) that will save you a lot of time. Click here.

CD and DVD Labels
On-disc Imprint simulated vinyl disc  
on-disc imprint (print to center)
simulated vinyl disc
downloadpreview downloadpreview