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What to send and where to send it. Here's the lowdown on photos and text.

Supplying Photos
We accept digital images and photographic prints. Note: web-resolution images that appear on websites are too compressed and cannot be used for professional printing without very unfortunate, pixelated results.

Digital Photos: For professional results, your cover image should be supplied at 300ppi at roughly 5 x 5 inches (1500 x 1500 pixels). Even larger files will be needed if you’d like us to crop your image or you plan to order posters. If you use a digital camera, be sure to use the highest setting available and read your manual regarding resolution, quality and compression. Better yet, hire a professional photographer. One bad image can make a great design look less great than it would otherwise. Send us your high-resolution images on a disc or upload them to our FTP site. *Please note that digital photos are taken in the RGB color space, and we must convert them to CMYK for print. This will inevitably cause some color shift.

Original Photographs: If you have photographic prints, mail them in with the rest of your materials and we will scan them using our professional-quality scanner. Don’t worry, we will return your original photographs. Please keep the negative on file for safety, just in case. *Please note that if you shot your pictures digitally, we prefer you send the digital files rather than digital prints. The files will give better results.

Supplying Text
This is the easy part! Send us a Microsoft Word document or type it up in an email. Be sure to include all of the text that you want to appear on the package: everything from the track list and credits to the thank you info. Please look over your text carefully and run spell-check before sending it to us. If computers aren’t your thing, you can write your text by hand. We will typeset it for you at no extra charge, although you will need to check our work.

Send Us Your Materials
Mail: Oasis Disc Manufacturing • 7905 N. Rt. 130 • Delair, NJ 08110 FTP: Ready to upload your files? Go to the Oasis FTP site and follow the detailed instructions.

Don’t forget to include your Design Guides.