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Walt Proctor
A New Beginning
Fabiana Passoni
It’s My Turn
Jeep Rosenberg
Silver Bluff Estates
Street Movement EP
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For Walt Proctor, his CD offers exactly what the title promises: “A New Beginning.” After playing Southern rock and country on the road for 10 years, Proctor says “I gave my life to Christ and got out of the club scene. I began writing my own music which eventually led to this music ministry.”
Walt didn’t supply us with any photos or artwork, so we instead used stock imagery and design elements to create a unique cover. Walt is delighted with the comments he has received on the cover; his fans love how “The design with the budding trees depicts a new beginning…that I gave up an old way of life for a new one.”
Walt is happy with his new direction. His music career “has had its ups and downs, but now I am making a good living and working on a new project.” We understand we’ll be seeing Walt again soon at Oasis: “Your design department is very professional and will be doing my next project.” Thanks, Walt!