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An African
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Kristian Bediiako is looking to spread his unique African rock guitar style to a wider audience with the release of this CD, “An African.” And he considers Oasis DesignWorks to be a key part of that plan. Kristian says, “The efficiency and preciseness of your design team has no equal. They captured my ideas brilliantly...”
Kristian’s fans understand the thrust of the design immediately. “The CD design exemplifies the concept of primitive artwork…Fans immediately identify it with Africa, which is precisely what I want.”
Kristian is making good progress in his music career. “The CD is selling exceptionally well at all my live performances. I have now gained sufficient recognition from a number of companies interested in marketing the CD on a large scale to a greater audience.” He is working on two new CDs and is planning on using Oasis DesignWorks again.