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Boy, can this kid play the harmonica! Jay Gaunt is just 15 years old and after only three years of harmonica playing he’s made a name for himself in the blues community. He’s had some excellent teachers, including Jon Paris who has played with Johnny Winter, Bob Dylan, and Muddy Waters. Jay gigs often and has sat in or recorded with well-known blues players like Jason Ricci & New Blood, Eric McFadden, The James Cotton Blues Band and many more.
Jay is helping to keep the blues alive with his debut CD “Blown Away.” He wanted a design that gave a nod to vintage blues, without falling into clichés. He chose Oasis’s matte varnish for his digipak, which gives it a warm and classic look at no additional charge. He provided the “JG” star logo and asked that our designer use fonts and colors that were similar to what was on his website. The designer took it from there, creating a unique and timeless design with an old blues feel.
          Bob Margolin, Muddy Water’s guitar player has played with Jay. He says, “Jay’s playing really generated a lot of notice, even among older and more experienced harp players. He has a ferocious tone and attack and really understands the language of playing Blues harp. It’s a thrill to see such a talent in one so young.” Jay is finishing his latest CD, “The Memphis Sessions,” at Royal Studios. He has already decided to come back to Oasis for design and manufacturing.