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One Machine wanted their design “to evoke a kind of psychedelic and urban theme.” In addition, because their band name “came out of a discussion about U2 and how they are like one machine as a band.” Their design needed to suggest separate elements that function as one unit. Inspired by the classic film “Metropolis,” the guitar player had an idea of using buildings with flowers. The design team took it from there. “When I first got the design proofs in the mail, I could barely contain myself!”
One Machine has this to say about Oasis: “The experience was rockin’ all the way through. My Project Manager couldn’t help enough and even after everything was done, she still responded to my questions right away. CD Baby, HostBaby and all the promotional help is really outstanding. It offers exposure right out of the gate. Overall, a fantastic experience. They make it fun and the finished product speaks for itself.”