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Cami Stinson’s music is a “fresh twist on jazz and blues... It’s funky, bluesy... just fun!” she says. Her “high-energy band plays festivals, clubs, and private parties because the music appeals to almost everyone.” “In The Morning” is Cami’s first CD. The title track symbolizes the beginning of her career.
Cami chose the Oasis Green Forestry Practices Sleeve. “This is my debut album, so I asked the design team to create something that looked like morning. There is a faint sunbeam design on the front and back, and flowers pop up everywhere. It represents an exciting beginning and the freshness of my music, just as the earth feels fresh when the sun rises in the morning.”
“From the beginning to end of my project, the Oasis team answered each of my questions promptly, helped me through any bumps in the road, and made me confident my project was in the right hands. I could call, e-mail or chat live with a team member whenever I needed help. I constantly receive compliments about the professionalism of the design and the turn around time for receiving proofs and masters was unmatched.”