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Aryn Michelle is an alternative pop singer/songwriter based out of Dallas. “I write, sing, and play the piano and the guitar. I’ve made several demos on my own when I was first starting out, but ‘Lockless Heart’ is my first professional, indie album. It has a strangely optimistic melancholy and strives to blend singer/songwriter sentiment with pop flair and alternative realism.”
“I think the design does an excellent job of translating the emotive quality of the album, which I described to the design team as edgy romantic. Both the design and the music have a straightforward, yet intimate quality. When people see the CD package they know (the music) is lush, romantic, and contemporary.”
Aryn came to Oasis with an extremely tight deadline. She had a CD release party booked, but the mixing and mastering took longer than expected. “I needed the first draft of the design to be perfect because there would be no time for changes. I am happy to say that the Oasis design team delivered exactly what I wanted on the first attempt and they were able to complete manufacturing on time for my release party (actually one day early!).”
Aryn is promoting and touring her album in Texas. “My fans love the design. They’ve told me they think it’s stunning, unique, captivating and they all see their own interpretation into the inspiration of it. I would recommend Oasis DesignWorks to anyone who needs a company with artistic vision combined with streamlined professionalism and personal courtesy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”