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A New Beginning
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It’s My Turn
Jeep Rosenberg
Silver Bluff Estates
Street Movement EP
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Jeep Rosenberg has achieved significant national visibility, including an appearance as a featured artist on an Austin City Limits special, where he was introduced by Kris Kristofferson. But the story of his life has taken various musical and career twists and turns. “The songs on ‘Silver Bluff Estates’ were mostly written during down-time while serving as a civilian administrator in UN peacekeeping missions in Mozambique, Haiti, and Kosovo... a lot of long dusty evenings with a little cassette recorder and a Korean flattop...”
After reading Jeep’s notes and looking at samples of design that he liked, it became clear that the design should strike the right balance between past and present. “[Oasis DesignWorks] immediately ‘got’ my concept. The silver-grey, silver-blue, and orange palette evoke the title, which comes from a housing tract I lived in as a child, and brings home a kind of back-to-the-future aspect that I wanted: The design earns respect before the disc comes out to play.”
Jeep was also impressed by the DesignWorks’ “lack of ego” and attention to detail in getting everything just right. The 12 page booklet that DesignWorks put together is “a big plus for my fans, who follow performing songwriters and really get into the songs.” We are very pleased to be part of Jeep’s re-emergence onto the national scene.