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Fabiana Passoni chose something unique for her project: the eco-friendly 6 panel Oasis Soft Spot® package, paired with a vinyl-look CD. These discs are made of actual grooved, black-on-both-sides material that simulates the look of a vintage record. “You can’t imagine how many positive comments I receive about the design and layout of my CD packaging! My fans are especially impressed with the vintage vinyl look that I chose for the CD itself…On top of that, I love, love LOVE my Oasis Soft Spot packaging.”
“The thing I liked the best about my experience with Oasis DesignWorks was that it was basically one-stop shopping for me. They worked with me and took care of all of my design needs and even my quirky wishes: fonts, colors, layout — everything... I never felt lost during the entire process.”
Working with Oasis was also a one-stop jump start for Fabiana’s career. Until recently, Fabiana’s career was centered in and around Brazil; her CD is a sizzling mix of jazz fusion and Brazilian rhythms like bossa nova, baião and samba. But now, “The Oasis Tools of Promotion helped me easily get my CD listed for sale on many websites, including iTunes…now I have new fans in Australia, throughout South America, Japan, Europe, and of course here in the United States.”