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John Trollmann
Ray's Last Stand
Aryn Michelle
Lockless Heart
Cami Stinson
In The Morning
One Machine
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John Trollmann says “Many of the songs on ‘Ray’s Last Stand’ tend to be about characters with whimsical and hard-fought dreams. The desert of the American southwest has always seemed to inspire me as a place where dreams have lived and died; a place where drifters and seers came to stake their claims.” He wanted his CD design to reflect these “hard places,” thus tying the artwork and music together.
John’s feeling is that “Cover designs visually extend the musician’s dreams for the listener, as well as helping to sell the recording.” John trusted our designers to pull this off, offering simple guidelines that gave us the freedom to deliver the design he needed. “The joy and delight I felt when I received the proofs was incredible... the placement of the photos, the layout of the lyrics and liner notes...The design department did a beautiful job of conveying the mood of the CD through their art work.”
After the release of his CD, John says “My music has taken an incredible journey into unexpected places. The people I’ve met as a result of my CD have been inspiring, as well as helping to increase my fan base... I’m playing more shows and traveling more, too.” John also wanted to be sure to credit the Oasis Sampler as well as the Oasis Tools of Promotion with helping him gain exposure through online promotion and distribution. Working to help creative folks like John get noticed keeps us happy.