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You worked hard to make your CD sound great. Now let us make you look great.
1 Call a Client Advisor. We’re here for you.
Our friendly advisors are here to answer your questions; from package type, size, and prices to the details of how the process works. Give us a call at 1-888-296-2747 to speak with an Oasis manufacturing expert (9-7 Eastern) or email us.
1 Send in your materials.
We want to hear about you. Tell us about yourself and your music by filling out one of the Design Information Guides. Send us the guide along with your text and images and we’ll do the rest! If we’re missing anything, your project manager will contact you before we begin.
1 We’ll create a complete, original design — just for you.
You want to look as good as you sound. Our experienced designers will treat your project as if it’s their own. If you wish to speak to an art director before we get started, let your Client Advisor know and they’ll hook you up.
1 Check out your design proofs and request changes as needed.
We’ll overnight high-quality proofs or send high-resolution PDFs and JPEGs for you to review. We won’t print until you’re absolutely satisfied. Got some changes? No worries, just put them in writing and we’ll take care of them promptly. Nothing gets printed until you say “It’s a go!”
1 Approve your proofs and we’ll print and package in record time!
Did you say, “It’s a go!”? Then it’s off to our in-house print shop where it all comes together. You’ll have your finished package in no time.

Your success means a lot to us. Tell us how our design worked out for you — what it meant to you artistically, as a business calling card, how it contributed to sales — by emailing us at design@oasisCD.com. Let us know if you’re OK with us using your package design and story on our website or in a future catalog if we get the opportunity.