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Every question deserves an answer. These are the ones we hear the most.

How do I communicate my ideas to the designer?
It’s easy! Just fill out a Design Guide and send it in. Your Project Manager can help communicate your ideas to the designer; however, if you have concerns, he or she can put you in touch with an art director.

Would your designer like to hear my music?
Absolutely! If you have music available online we’d love to hear it. In addition, be sure to give us your interpretation of what your music is all about. This is very important.

Will I see a proof of the design?
Of course! After we receive all of your materials, you’ll see proofs in 3-4 business days. Large or complex jobs can take up to 5 days to complete. We’ll send you high-quality digital printouts or email you a link to view PDFs and JPEGs. On-screen proofs are great for making most corrections, but the digital prints are more color accurate, although nothing is 100%. If color accuracy is important to you, make sure to see these proofs before you approve your design.

Can I see more than one design option?
Our talented designers will send you one complete package design. If you don’t like it, we’ll happily change it... but we think you’ll like it!

Will you bill me for making changes?
In most cases, the answer to this question is no. Unlike other disc manufacturers, we do not bill for most changes, although it’s important to understand that they do add to the timeline.

What if I don’t have a photo or I want to add stock images?
We have a diverse library of stock images that can be used in your layout, and they are available at no extra charge! If you have a particular image in mind, let us know and we’ll look through our collection.

What fonts do you have available?
We have hundreds of fonts. If you’re looking for something specific, let us know. If we don’t have that font, we’ll use something similar. Just describe what you’re looking for or show us a sample, and we will find something that fits your project. Don’t know what you want? Leave it up to our talented designers.

What kind of paper do you use?
We use an industry standard coated paper for all jewel-box and DVD inserts. The finish has a slight glossy feel. Our board products (Wallets, Sleeves, Digipaks, Secret Envelope™ and Soft Spot®) use a durable stock with a shiny UV coating. Matte coating is available at no extra charge; however, it will add a few days to your turn-time. All of our board products are printed on 100% Green Forestry Practices stock.

Do I own the rights to my art?
Once we’ve received final payment, you hold the copyright to the artwork we’ve created for you.

Can I have the design files?
We can send you a disc containing all of the files used in your project for a small fee. This includes the layout files, images, high-resolution PDFs and a JPEG of your cover for web use. You will need Adobe InDesign® to open the layout files. These are the files that contain editable text. Due to legal restrictions, we cannot supply the fonts used in your project. However, we will include a list of the fonts used and upon request we will provide links to websites where you can purchase them. The image files can be opened with many programs, and modified in Adobe Photoshop®.