CD Databases

We’re often asked, “When my customers put my CD in their player, will my album title and track names show up?” The short answer is: “It depends on what kind of player they’re using and on what steps you’ve taken before they put it in the player.”

If they’re putting your CD into an Internet-enabled device (such as their computer), the computer is accessing an online database with information that matches your CD. It’s not actually taking the song info from the physical CD itself.

If they’re putting your CD into a standalone player, it’s another thing altogether. You want your songs encoded with CD-text during the mastering stage (before you get the CDs manufactured) and the player would need to support CD-text (not all standalone players do). Don’t panic: including CD-text is not an industry wide standard practice in CD manufacturing and is not universally supported even by big record labels.

I haven’t manufactured my CD yet, can you guys make it show text on standalone players?
Even if your mastering engineer didn’t encode your master with CD-text, if your CD is not yet in production we can add it for you - speak with your Project Manager or Client Advisor for details and pricing.

I want my album information to show up when people use internet-connected computers to play my music!
If you want your album, track, and artist information to show up when people use internet-connected devices to play your music, your CD needs to be registered with the Gracenote CD Database. The good news is Oasis takes care of this for you! Gracenote is used by iTunes, WinAmp, and dozens of others.

If you wanted to take of this yourself, here are your steps to complete Gracenote registration:

1. Open iTunes (available as a free download at
2. Insert your CD and wait for iTunes to recognize that a CD is present.
3. Type in the Artist, Title, and Track information for your CD.
4. Check for typos, because your information will be uploaded as you typed it.
5. Click the Options tab, then click Submit CD Track Names.
6. Wait and see. In 24-48 hours, your submission will go live at Gracenote!

I want more information!
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