What is Authoring?

What is Authoring?

Authoring is the process of combining video, graphics, sound, animation, documents, and other files onto a DVD or into a format suitable for viewing on computers, 3G phones, web browsers, or other devices. This often requires creating an interface that allows the user to navigate and access the different assets or files easily and conveniently. (For example, the menu on a DVD.)

Do I need Authoring?

Even if your video, film and computer files are finished, these materials still may need to be formatted and mastered correctly to disc to be ready for replication. What does “ready for replication” mean? There are specific standards set for DVDs, Audio CDs, ECDs, and CD-ROMs to ensure your discs will play as expected on the appropriate devices. If you are making a DVD, authoring prepares your content to meet DVD specifications. If your content is not authored correctly, you run the risk of paying for discs that don’t perform they way you expected.

How do I know if my master is ready for replication?

A good rule of thumb is, if your master plays and performs the way you want it to on the devices you want it to, then most likely it’s ready for replication. Does your DVD master play in a DVD player? Does your audio CD play in your CD player? Does your ROM disc play on both Macintosh and Windows computers? If they do, most likely you have a master that’s ready for replication.

If your master is not performing the way you intended or you cannot author your project to meet the standards required, contact one of our Client Advisors at 1-866-409-8170 to discuss what our Authoring experts can do for you.

Why do I need the authoring experts at Oasis to author my project?

One question we often get is: “With all the software programs available today, why should I hire you to do my authoring?” The answer is simple: A software program can’t ensure your project will work as expected.

Unless you have the proper tools and experience it’s difficult to avoid the pitfalls that can affect the compatibility of your disc. So knowing what can cause a disc to fail or to produce unfavorable results is important to producing a successful product that will be as close to 100% compatible as possible.

At Oasis, we take great care to ensure your discs will play on a wide variety of players and computers. We stay up to date on the technology to ensure your product will be a success. And because we have been manufacturing optical discs for over 20 years, we understand not only the content but the science behind how a disc is actually made. We put this experience from years of authoring and manufacturing CDs and DVDs to work in every project we do. So let us handle your project from start to finish and ensure it is a success.