DVD Authoring Services

At Oasis we make it easy and affordable to get professional DVD encoding, menu design, and authoring for your project. We’ll combine your film, video, and additional content them into a dynamic, professional DVD that is fully customized to your project. And we back up our work with a 100% no-fine-print guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the proofs we send you, we won’t charge you a penny for our work.

DVD Authoring Packages

Deluxe DVD Authoring: $490

DVD encoding, 1 main DVD menu design and 1 sub menu design, play all feature, up to 10 custom chapter points, or 6 static or motion video thumbnails.

Deluxe DVD encoding with motion menu: $790

DVD encoding, 30-second motion main menu (created from a clip in the movie), 1 static sub menu, play all feature, up to 10 custom chapter points, or 6 static or motion video thumbnails.

New! Convert your film to play on iPods and more $100

Convert your film to MPEG-4 format for use on all portable electronic devices like iPods, PSPs and more. It’s a must-have for download sales or digital distribution of your film, documentary, training video or seminars!

  • Additional motion video thumbnails. $150 up to 6 thumbnails
  • Additional chapter points. $150 up to 10 chapter points
  • Behind the scenes or “making of” video. No charge if total video does not exceed 2 hrs. ($100 additional if chapter points are required.)
  • Slide show (from customer-supplied digital images) $100
  • 5.1 Surround Sound (from customer-supplied sound track) $150
  • Director’s commentary (customer-supplied) $150
  • Alternate language track (customer-supplied) $150
  • Closed Captioning (from supplied .scc file) $250
  • Details: DVD packages with menu include client-supplied music in background of menu. Projects over 2 hours generally require a DVD-9. Add $200.

DVD Encoding

DVD encoding makes your videos files ready for DVD. Our experienced engineers can help you attain the highest quality encode for your project. As always, the quality of your video master will have the greatest impact on the quality of your final DVD, so whenever possible make sure the master you send is a high-quality uncompressed video source.

DVD Authoring Services