Color Correction (Grading)

Color correction is the process of manipulating images using specific color grading tools. The ultimate goal is to obtain the highest quality image possible from the supplied material. The Colorist makes adjustments to black levels, white levels, gamma, contrast, balances shots within a scene, and tries maximizing detail to give your film or video a finished professional look. All major motion pictures, television shows, and DVDs utilize color correction to give their project the added visual pop to produce a professional, slick, and finished product.

Color Correction is also utilized to add “looks” or special effects like bleach bypass, day for night, and sepia tone to help convey tone or atmosphere to your project. Of course color correction is not a miracle cure. If the detail is not in the original image, color correction won’t help. But it is possible to bring out hidden detail that is not visible in its uncorrected form.

Before and after color correction samples
Will color correction benefit your project?

Send us your video or film and let our Colorist evaluate your project and provide a free, no-obligation assessment. As with any type of post-production we recommend working from an uncompressed version of your film or video to maintain the highest quality. But we can work with your existing DVD or digital file as well.