Oasis Difference #3

We manufacture, design, print, and package for you under one roof: Our own.

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Oasis is just about the only company in our industry that isn’t a broker. Here’s why this matters: Brokers (and this means almost every one of our competitors) farm out the manufacturing of your project to another company, domestically or overseas. Then they hire the lowest-priced printing plant they can find to print your artwork. At that point they may find yet another company to assemble your product and — with a little luck — ship it to you and your customers. So even if a broker has the best intentions, the simple fact is this: they have very little control over the quality or speed of the work their subcontractors are doing on your project.

At Oasis, subcontracting is not the way we do things. It does not serve you, our client, who needs a high-quality product done right every time, on time.

Instead, we cut the glass master for you right here. We replicate the discs for you ourselves. We print your packaging ourselves, in whatever format you need. (We’re a licensed Digipak printer. We print the Soft Spot® packages, stapled booklets, and the other Oasis products here, to our own exacting standards.) Finally, we assemble the finished product for you right here in our plant, where we can do important quality checks before it goes out the door to you.


If you are looking for graphic design, you’ll benefit greatly from our Oasis DesignWorks more than a hundred years combined experience with music industry package design. All designers work right here, in house, in our plant, where they have continual feedback as to what works and doesn’t work as a CD or DVD design in the “real world.” Prices start at just $285 and our work is guaranteed. Learn more here.

Oasis DesignWorks

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