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Why do people still buy so many CDs, when the media suggests otherwise?

Everywhere I go, people are amazed when I tell them that Oasis sold far more CD projects this year than last. I’m not surprised that they’re surprised – listening to the media, you’d get the impression that musicians are concentrating on downloads these days. Downloads are undoubtedly a key part of the modern marketing mix for musicians, but it’s important to understand: The vast majority of retail music sales dollars still come from physical discs.

Compact discs remain the basic calling card and selling tool for every musician. So why is the CD still so important, when online forms of music are so convenient and popular as well?

When I was speaking with producer Rupert Hine (Duncan Sheik, Tina Turner, Suzanne Vega, and so many others) he explained the enduring appeal of CDs to me this way: “People love to collect things. Make a beautiful object, and they will want it.” As collectors, we get a special thrill from acquiring beautiful physical objects like books, magazines, stamps, paintings, etc. The gorgeous artwork and packaging of a well-designed CD make it collectable, too. (To get a visual sense of how enthusiastic CD collectors can be, search Google Images on the keywords “CD collection.”)

For a more technical explanation, Jupiter Research has noted that music-loving humans have also discovered that CDs benefit from being 100% forward-compatible with the newest music playing platforms. Translation: Music lovers know they can buy a physical CD for their collection, use it as the source for ripping music to an iPod and still hold on to it as a full resolution backup in case anything goes wrong or the digital format du jour changes yet again.

Of course, working with Oasis, you get to have it both ways: Every complete replication package includes iTunes sales and other digital distribution as well (not to mention distribution and promotion to the radio waves nationwide) So you’re covered both physically and digitally. Enjoy the tour, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Micah Solomon, President and Founder Micah

Micah Solomon
President and Founder

P.S. If you ever need to reach me directly, email is the best way: micah@oasisCD.com.
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“We’ve been with Oasis since the beginning. I mean the BEGINNING. When we were truly considered nobody, Oasis actually listened to our music, cheered us on at our early gigs, even found the perfect packaging to fit a look to our sound. (Think about that: someone in this biz who actually listens to your stuff.) They’ve introduced our music to probably 600 different radio stations at this point — not to mention their many industry contacts. 40,000 CDs sold so far and we’re still chugging happily along with Oasis on our team.”

Oasis Client:
Eric Brace
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