The OasisSampler Radio Promotion Program

A $350 value, yours for just $50 with your CD replication order.

Radio has always been the holy grail of promotion. For indie artists it’s a tough slog to get your CD into the hands of a program director. Of course, if you’re an Oasis client, you can get your music out to radio stations (and other industry players) across the U.S. for just $50!

When you manufacture a new CD with us, you can choose one song to be included on your choice of OasisSampler CDs, each of which goes to a carefully chosen list of 400 to 700 (depending on genre) radio stations nationwide. We only send Samplers to stations that have a proven track record of playing independently-produced music.

OasisSamplers get serious attention. They’ve assisted our clients in getting soundtrack work, licensing for television (for Grey’s Anatomy, Big Love, Deadwood, and more), and many other opportunities.

With Oasis, radio promotion is no longer a pipe dream. It’s a wonderful reality.

The OasisSampler radio genres
you can select from include:

  • • Acoustic*
  • • Alternative
  • • Country & Roots
  • • Pop & Adult Contemporary
  • • Inspirational

*including world, acoustic blues, and children’s music, in addition to singer/songwriter and traditional folk.

The OasisSampler Radio Promotion Program
The OasisSampler Radio Promotion Program
How To Order: The OasisSampler is available for purchase with any CD replication package. (Note: Your disc project must include a UPC Bar Code to participate). When creating a disc package quote online, simply add the $50 OasisSampler to your order prior to saving your quote. If placing an order offline, call 1-888-296-2747 and simply ask your product specialist to add the OasisSampler to your CD order.