Sell your music worldwide with CD Baby

Get worldwide distribution on iTunes, Amazon, Facebook and beyond —
included with your order of 300 CDs or more

Get worldwide distribution on CD Baby, iTunes, and more

CD Baby helps you sell your tracks on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, Rhapsody, and more—in a few days!

You’ve made your music; now put it to work. With CD Baby’s worldwide distribution service (included with the Tools of Promotion as part of your order of 300 CDs or more), you can sell your music everywhere, including:

  • • Download sales on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, and other e-tailers
  • • CD sales on CD Baby
  • • Free, customizable music player and store for Facebook band page
  • • Easy-to-install Music Store widget to sell CDs and MP3s right from your own web site
  • • Your CDs will be available at Amazon and, on demand at over 15,000 brick and mortar retailers
  • • New! Make money by licensing your music for film, TV, YouTube, and more.

With CD Baby there are no annual or cancelation fees and they pay you every Monday. In fact, they offer the highest payout for MP3 sales of any digital music retailer.

Please note: While your CD Baby membership is free with the TOP (a $49 value!) there is a $9 shipping and handling fee for us to package up and send your finished CDs to CD Baby.

If you do not want CD Baby with your TOP, simply select Tools of Promotion without Distribution when ordering your CDs and you will not incur a $9 shipping and handling charge.

Want global royalty collection, too?

When your music is played on the radio, streamed on the Internet, purchased in a foreign country, or performed in a live venue — you are owed additional royalties. CD Baby Pro gets your money for you.

Add CD Baby Pro to your TOP for just $59. CD Baby Pro includes ASCAP/BMI registration, song registration with global collections agencies, as well as global royalty collection.

Please note: If purchasing the Tools of Promotion with CD Baby Pro for $59, there is no additional $9 shipping and handling charge.

Join over a quarter-million indie artists (including The Head and the Heart, Ingrid Michaelson, Mary Gauthier, Joe Purdy, and many more) and let CD Baby help you get your music out to the world!

Just to be totally clear, here is how how the pricing breaks down if you are making over 300 CDs:

TOP without CD Baby distribution… FREE
TOP with CD Baby Standard Distribution… $9 (for shipping and handling)
TOP with CD Baby Pro Distribution… $59 (no additional shipping and handling charge)

Not making 300 CDs but still want CD Baby? No problem!

You can add the Tools of Promotion with a Standard CD Baby membership for just $79. If you want the Tools of Promotion with CD Baby Pro (and we highly recommend it for songwriters) then it’s $129. For both packages you get all the benefits and discounts of the full Tools of Promotion, plus we will set up your account and mail your CDs to CD Baby for you (and there is no additional $9 shipping and handling charge).

Learn more about our famous Tools of Promotion suite of services.