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When is the best time to practice?

December 15, 2015

The best time to practice is when you’re inspired, when you’ve just learned something new, when you’re already filled with musical excitement.  Unfortunately, that’s the least likely time that many of us will practice.  More often, we’ll learn a new lick or receive some new inspiration and then wait to turn it into action, into habit. This is exactly the wrong approach.

When you’re a musician, it’s very likely that uplifting or educational musical events will come your way with some regularity—let’s say once a week, or once a month. Such moments might be:

  • • A lesson or master class that clicks with us
  • • A concert that widens our musical perspective
  • • A band rehearsal that goes particularly well

The problem is, we tend to not ride that cresting wave.  We tend to take the new breakthrough we had at our lesson, that inspiration we got from that concert, those new licks that finally clicked at band practice, and feel that, at least for that day, it is enough. We have our musical fix for now.

A better approach is to immediately – and I mean immediately, the moment you get home, I don’t care who is asleep — set your new learning into motion.  Rehearse it, build on it, start on the road to turning it into habit.

Micah Solomon
President & Founder
Oasis Disc Manufacturing

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